Notable Elements of an Effective Research Paper

A research paper requires complete coverage of all parts and sections for it to be a success. You should be able to capture every section to make it complete. These elements of a research paper should guide you throughout the writing process. Here are the key elements of an effective research paper:


You should take the time to introduce your topic before writing anything about it. This is the part where you introduce the reader to what you are writing about and your plans on how you will execute the topic. Throughout the introduction, our readers should be able to see the following:

  • The specificity of your research paper. Your topic should not be too general otherwise it will sound vague. It should have a certain focus and direction that will provide solutions to a specific issue. 
  • Measurability. What defines your research? There should be enough facts, sources and research to back up your writing. 
  • Attainable goals. Readers should see sense in what you are writing about. Your introduction should have a thesis statement that answers questions stated and adds to the knowledge of the topic being studied. 
  • Realistic efforts. Your research work should be realistic and objective. There should be sound arguments and assessments based on credible information and evidence. 
  • Time Constraints. There should be limits on time and deliverables made in realistic timeframes.

Literature Review 

This is the second section of your research paper writing. Ensure that it has enough evidence and information relating to past studies in your area of interest. You need to show the readers the gaps that have been left in past research hence the need for the current study.

Methodology Section 

Your research work should provide solutions and answers to questions raised in the beginning. To achieve this, you need a strategy and a good approach on how to get there. Therefore, a proper discussion of the process of collecting and analyzing data should be discussed in this part of your research paper.

Findings and Research Discussions 

A research paper is never complete without findings. Provide information that you found out using your study methodology. This acts as evidence of the work that you have done in seeking to fill in study gaps that exist from past studies.


Provide a clear and succinct conclusion of your research work. Restate the thesis statement and show how you have been able to come up with clear answers to the problem in question. Readers should be able to see how well you managed to achieve meaningful research in your findings. However, remember not to bring up new information at this stage. Everything should be clear and not the point as drawn from previous sections.

References Section 

All works used and cited in the research paper must be listed at the end of the work. These should be listed based on the recommended writing style needed for the research paper.

Final Thoughts 

To effectively write a research paper, you should make sure that it contains each of these parts. They could be more but these are the main elements that you need to capture.