15 High School Math Research Paper Topics

You probably know the most effective method for learning how to write a great assignment for a topic like math, for instance, is to use well-written high school senior research paper examples as guides. But before you even start using an example you need to come up with an original and interesting topic. Your math teacher might give you a list of steps to writing a research paper high school, but without a topic you’re not going to go very far. Here is a list of 15 great ideas by assignmentgeek.com to consider:

  1. How much do we owe Euclid for the geometrical proofs we know in today’s world?
  2. What are the limitations preventing mathematicians from solving the end of Pi?
  3. Which classical civilization deserves the most credit for the use of the modern numerical?
  4. What role does mathematics play in ancient architecture? Does it still apply today?
  5. In what ways do Stephen Hawking’s contributions owe their beginnings to basic math?
  6. In what ways did the incorporation of the “zero” concept affect math in Europe?
  7. What was the major significance of Einstein’s so-called “snowflake game”?
  8. Without Einstein’s mathematical contributions would we be aware of quantum physics?
  9. In what ways are mathematics applied to modern motion and mechanical physics?
  10. What are the hidden geometrical patterns in crop circles hiding in mathematical messages?
  11. In what ways did the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome contribute to modern day math?
  12. Is it possible that Pythagoras’ famous theorem could have been arrived at by chance?
  13. How did math develop in Europe over the period commonly referred to as the Dark Ages?
  14. How does the conceptual notion of infinity affect the way we approach quantum math?
  15. What role did mathematics play during the period known as the European Renaissance?

These are just a few suggestions you might want to consider for a great high school math research paper topic. You can get more great ideas by visiting this site. There you’ll find ideas developed by experienced professionals who know exactly what makes for original and interesting topics for assignments in any level. Check it out.