Picking Up Top-Notch Research Paper Topics For An Economics Class

The first step to writing a great assignment is coming up with research paper topics for economics that are interesting and original. This can be trick to achieve, so we’ve come up with these suggestions for your consideration.

  1. Are there an adequate number of resources available to meet the needs of people who fall below the poverty line? How is wealth distribution from the upper 1 percent?
  2. Do the benefits of a university education still outweigh the price of going to school? Are online and self-paced courses financially more viable and therefore better options for students today?
  3. Why are single payer and other universal healthcare programs an effective way of providing quality care to people who are financially unable to get decent care otherwise?
  4. How are the high costs of healthcare affecting the way people contribute to local economies? Are smaller and mid-sized businesses suffering because its customers cannot afford healthcare?
  5. How are research papers on macroeconomics influential in the way small businesses approach their marketing efforts to stay ahead and maintain their competitive edge against others?
  6. How are technology companies benefiting financially when they outsource work? Are there methods of lobbying against regulations that are only done as a front to gain an advantage?
  7. Do you think governments should help stimulate or legalize the prostitution industry as a means to generate more taxes and revenue to go for needed public programs?
  8. How would lifting certain corporate regulations help lower the nation’s overall unemployment rate? Is there such a thing as a healthy rate of unemployment a nation needs to survive?
  9. Should the federal government help failing industries by providing financial bailouts funded by the public’s tax dollars? Or should these companies be allowed to fail naturally?
  10. How does economic growth in the world’s richest nations a burden on developing countries? Can richer nations invest in foreign aid or is it healthier to leave developing nations alone?
  11. What are the major reasons for a U.K. inflation rate that is lower than other countries in Europe? Should U.K.’s model be copied and applied to other parts of the world?
  12. How much does the U.S.’s national economy benefit from the contributions of its largest economy in California? What would a Cal-Exit do to the country’s financial stability?
  13. Should states invest in unemployment educational programs to help more people learn new skills that will help them get back on track? Is this a financially sound model?
  14. In what ways did the 2016 Brexit vote impact the U.K.’s economy? How were other European nations affected? Do you believe Europe as a whole is better off without England in its union?
  15. How did the overhaul and restructuring of the housing lending program in the U.S. make it more difficult for people to borrow money from large banks?

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