Free Guide On How To Write A Research Paper With Footnotes

One of the most confusing parts of writing a research paper is in having to put in footnotes. Students often get them confused with endnotes or bibliographical citations. These are all different things in both style and function. Footnotes are simply a format for citation within the main document text, placed at the bottom of the same page where the citation reference occurs. It is commonly used in the humanities (e.g. philosophy and history), but can also be found in other disciplines. This article will show you how to write a research paper with footnotes the right way:

  • Use footnotes for long explanatory and bibliographic notes
  • Footnotes are great tools to use whenever you try to learn how to write a research paper fast because they allow you to provide interesting contextual or explanatory information without having to go off on a tangent and break away from the main text. They can also be used to for bibliographic notes to give the readers suggestions on related readings they may find interesting to a point you have just made.

  • How to number them within the main document text
  • The common method of numbering a footnote within the main document text is to use superscript Arabic numbers. This should be placed after the last punctuation mark of the given clause or phrase the citation refers to (e.g., after periods, commas, quotations, and questions marks).

  • How to format footnotes at the bottom of each page they appear
  • Unlike endnotes, footnotes should appear on the same page in which the referred to citation appears. Use the exact same numbering and provide whatever relevant information you thought would be of interest or help to the reader. There is no rule on how long a full citation should be, but try to keep it under three or four lines.

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